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Initiation Dive by Ia Ora Diving, Hotel Sofitel

Excursion shared Underwater Discoveries (shared)

An introduction to diving on our islands is all about the excitement of discovering a new world, the unique sensation of being weightless under water, and being enchanted by abundant aquatic plant and animal life in a variety of colours and shapes.
It's also an experience to share with people who are passionate about diving.

It's accessible to all & no particular skills or knowledge are required. You just need to be in good physical condition.

Our warm, abundant, calm waters and excellent visibility are sure to make for a successful introduction to diving, in complete safety.

78 USD per adult


According to the island & diving site, sit at the controls of a sunken plane wreck; meet tortoises, sharks, rays and even sometimes dolphins; admire a moray eel weaving gracefully through the water, or the clown fish dancing in their strange anemones, from close up; laugh at the triggerfishes? big lips and the parrot fishes? beaks; look for octopuses whose chameleon-like skin blends in with the background?

Polynesia is a dream location for an introduction to diving, and maybe the start of a new hobby for you? At most of our centres, you can take the necessary courses to become a certified diver (PADI/CMAS training).


- 78 USD per adult

- 78 USD per child

Practical info

When you arrive at the diving centre, in the morning or afternoon depending on the centre you choose, your instructor will provide you with a diving suit, life jacket with pressure reducing valve, flippers, mask etc.
The introduction is either carried out directly from the beach, or at a shallow spot in the lagoon, which you reach by boat.
Before you enter the water, the instructor will explain all the safety instructions and show you a few simple signs so you can communicate under water.

The introduction takes place at a maximum depth of 0 to 6 metres in French Polynesia, and lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, with a maximum of 2 beginners per instructor. The instructor will stay by your side throughout the dive. They will assist you, guide you and show you the site?s features of interest.

Pick up / Drop off - Sofitel Ia Ora ONLY!

Spoken languages - English, French, Spanish.

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