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The creation of the Marquesas Islands

- Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Ua Pou

At the time of the initial night, Oatea and his wife Atanua lived together but had no house. The husband decided to remedy it and invoked his gods and ancestors at nightfall, then choose the location of the house: in the middle of the ocean.

Two pillars were then erected: Ua Pou. A false beam was placed on these two pillars: Hiva Oa. The pillars were assembled: Nuku Hiva. Then nine coconut leaves were woven to cover the length of the house: Fatu Hiva.

Oatea worked tirelessly for their home as daylight began to illuminate the horizon to illuminate the horizon: Tahuata. Under the songs of the morning bird: Mohotani.

Oatea dug a hole to put the surplus of coconut leaves: Ua Huka. His wife exclaimed, "Be careful! Then comes the earth of men. Oatea replied, "This is Eiao. Thus the Marquesas were born.

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