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Legal terms of website
Website editor:, and are trademarks of Tahiti Nui Travel, located at Ateivi, BP 718 - 98713 PAPEETE, French Polynesia, registration # Tahiti 038281, a corporation capital worth 150 000 000 XPF. As a travel agency, this firm is subject to the French Polynesian Tourism Code and is insured for its liability and has a financial guarantee in line with the insurers’ requirements (HISCOX insurance company).
The editor-in-chief of the website is Mahearani Cadousteau. She can be contacted by email at or by regular mail at BORABORA.COM, Immeuble Ateivi, BP 718 - 98713 PAPEETE, French Polynesia.
Purpose of the website:
The and websites present general information on the various travel products in Tahiti and Her Islands. The term “travel products” includes, among others and without limiting the current list, accommodation, flights, day trips, and transfers. The presentation of the products has been prepared from information, photographs, films and documents provided by the product suppliers and has no contractual value. The website cannot be held responsible for any mistakes, inaccuracy, omissions or concealment from these suppliers.
The rates and specified conditions on the website are not contractual and are valid under certain conditions and availability. The website offers the web user to fill out an online form in order to request a quote which is free of charge and without obligation and also to receive further travel offers in future.
YesTahiti’s advisors and their partners will also have the right to contact you to offer any related products or services. Should you not be interested in this service, please let us know at

Data protection and privacy – access rights:
In accordance with the local regulation in place “Loi n°78-17 du 06/01/78” in line with internet use, files and privacy rights, you are hereby informed that the answers to the questions used to prepare custom-made travel offers are mandatory. They are for the sole use of, or their suppliers or providers within the limitative frame of your travel request.
These pieces of information are filed with our prospective clients’ database and may be consulted for access rights, amendment, correction or withdrawal of personal data as stated in article 34 of the above mentioned regulation:
- by email to:
- by regular mail to: BORABORA.COM, Immeuble Ateivi, BP 718 - 98713 PAPEETE, Polynésie Française.
You have the right, without advocating a specific reason, to refuse the treatment of your own information in our database.

Cookies and Other Technologies
  • Introduction:
Our website can use online technologies called "cookies" and other similar technologies such as "web beacons", "device fingerprinting" and "device graph".
Generally speaking, "cookies" are text files that are placed in your device's browser and that can be used to help recognize your browser across different web pages, websites, and browsing sessions. Cookies are stored on your device or in "local storage." and can be used to maintain information about your activities and preferences, to count the users who visit a Web page or read an email.
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You can choose to disable these cookies whenever you want. Your browser can be set to alert you about cookies which are stored in your device and ask you to accept it. This setting may change your experience on our site.
To manage cookies closer to your expectations please change your browser settings taking into account the purpose of the cookies.
Internet Explorer: In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options. On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings. Click the View Files button.
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Newsletter: and offer web users subscriptions to their Newsletter service. The subscription is free of charge and its purpose is to inform web users of various Polynesian news, new products and services and ongoing deals. In accordance with the French regulation LCEN (“Loi pour la Confiance dans l’Economie Numérique”) and the French CNIL recommendations, every newsletter will offer a ‘sign out of subscription’ clause to web users within the newsletter.

Confidentiality clause & security:
Any data and personal information transmitted via the website or via email are kept in our database and protected. The access is solely restricted to authorized personnel. Yestahiti has taken all necessary security measures in order to avoid the use of these pieces of information fraudulently.
Any claim should be addressed as a priority to our customer service:
- by email to:
- by regular mail to: BORABORA.COM, Immeuble Ateivi, BP 718 - 98713 PAPEETE, French Polynesia
Website host:
This website is hosted by OVH, Beauharnois – Canada.
The content and the graphic chart of the website are the sole property of Yestahiti. Any reproduction without prior authorization is strictly prohibited.
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