How about getting married in Bora Bora ?

A Civil wedding or a traditional wedding ceremony? Anything is possible in Tahiti!

Would you like to share that special moment with the one you love, renew your wedding vows or plan your wedding? Our experts will arrange an incredible and memorable ceremony meeting your requests and wishes. French Polynesia is a privileged, rare, friendly and auspicious place for love and associated celebrations.
  • Civil wedding
Depending on your nationality and age (over 18) there is some important paperwork to fill in. We invite you to get in touch with our team of experts in this matter who will advise and facilitate the procedure. 

Are you a French citizen?
You need to stay a minimum of one month in French Polynesia prior to your wedding. You can make the most of your vacation and prepare for that perfect wedding ceremony during your stay!

Before the wedding you will need the following documents:
Birth certificates (stamped not more than 3 months old)
Medical pre-nuptial certificates
Birth certificates of your children (if needs be)
A residence certificate stating that you have been living in French Polynesia for at least a month (water, electricity, phone bill or a statement from your landlord and a copy of his ID).

Please note: Once you have spent this month in Tahiti and Her Islands, you still have 10 days before you can publish your wedding banns. Take this opportunity to settle any final details ensuring your special day is unique and hassle free!

Not a French citizen?
You will need to gather a few documents a month and 10 days before the wedding. Please visit the following:
  • Traditional wedding ceremony or vows renewal

mariage tradionnel tahitiYou will have the choice of a traditional simple ceremony or the royal ceremony to celebrate your union without any legal constraints or the compulsory time stay in Tahiti.
These ceremonies are carried out by tahua, Tahitian priests, who will greet and bless you in the Polynesian tradition. An outrigger canoe will transport the groom to the wedding location while dancers will accompany the bride to her husband or husband-to-be. Let yourself be carried by the sweet melody of the local music. No doubt these moments will be remembered forever.
Everything will be prepared for you: costumes, flower lei and crowns, champagne, bride’s bouquet and decorations prepared in traditional Polynesian style. Everything will be prepared for you ensuring your wedding is extra special.
Wrapped in a large tifaifai and after having exchanged your vows, the master of ceremony will christen you with a Tahitian name similar to ancestral tradition. You will then attend a Polynesian show especially in your honor at the sound of aparima and otea. You will be invited to join the dancers while sipping cocktails in freshly cut coconuts.
Your ceremony will be official thanks to a wedding certificate prepared on tapa along with a photo album.

Whatever your wishes, whatever your dreams, Tahiti and Her Islands will fulfill them in the most romantic and idyllic setting to celebrate your love.
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