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In Tahiti, even though you are at the edge of the world, you are never too far away from useful conveniences.

As soon as you arrive in Tahiti you will soon realize that everything has been prepared for you to have an enjoyable and safe stay!
Canoe breakfast arrival with a polynesian outrigger canoe
Couple walking on a Polynesian island

Polynesian Climate

The perfect weather pattern:

French Polynesia has a nice tropical climate, free of extreme weather phenomena. Temperatures usually don’t go over 90°F (32°C) and tropical storms or cyclones are very rare.

More precisely:
The Pacific trade winds blow year round giving Tahiti a warm and comfortable climate
The average temperature outside is 80°F (27°C)
The average water temperature is 79°F (26° C)
Temperatures are higher and it is more humid between November and March. Intense but short tropical showers are more likely over that period of time. This is also when tropical depressions may occur.
It is dryer and cooler from April to October. However, temperatures in the Society Islands, Tuamotu and the Marquesas are rarely below 75°F (25°C) at sea level.
July and August are the coolest months but also when the highest number of tourist visit French Polynesia
For our statistics fans have a look at our average temperature and rain fall chart:

Forecast in Tahiti
Islet of Rangiroa - French Polynesia - The islands of Tahiti
Tahiti and Her Islands cover a territory as large as Western Europe. Here are a few weather and temperature details:
In the Marquesas, the dry season runs from August to December.
The Tuamotu atolls are rarely hit by heavy rains due to the absence of mountains where clouds can gather (like in the Society Islands).
High mountainous islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea…) are more likely to develop micro-weather patterns since their eastern coastline is blown by the trade winds.
In the Australs and Gambier, temperatures are cooler during the Austral winter from July to September but they rarely go under 60°C (15°C)


Efficient, safe and fast transportation services throughout Tahiti and Her Islands

Between the islands:
Most transfers between the islands are by plane with the domestic airline Air Tahiti. Their ATR planes are frequently replaced. Most flights are less than 1 hour. You can check in up to 45 minutes before the flight. Transfers to the resorts are usually less than 30 minutes.
The inter-island trips take usually less than half a day in order to let you fully enjoy your time around each island.
Transfers between Tahiti and Moorea can either be arranged by plane (10 minute flight) or by ferryboat ride (30 minutes).
In Tahiti and Moorea:
Public transportation is available however it is also possible to ask for shuttle service or a private taxi in any hotels of Polynesia. If public transportation or taxi does not suit you, you can rent a car or a motorbike from the hotel too.
In the other islands:
Transfers will be arranged with private shuttles or taxis, car or scooter bike rental, bicycle or by boat.
Terevau ferry, shuttle between Tahiti and Moorea
Getting onboard of an Air Tahiti Plane
Couple riding a scooter in the paths of the Islands of Tahiti

Health and Safety

An efficient and modern healthcare system with a high level of safety throughout the country

The healthcare system in Tahiti is similar to that of France:
In French Polynesia, medical care and facilities are of a high standard compared to what you would find in Europe. Modern facilities are located in Tahiti around Papeete. Public hospitals are also located in every archipelago.

In case of an emergency, doctors, dentists and paramedics are available 24/7, day in, day out.

In case of an important accident, the main hospital of French Polynesia will arrange transportation of the patient to Tahiti with the assistance of local airlines or French military helicopters. This coordination is arranged with both government and private services in order to bring the best possible medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7/7.
Wealth in Tahiti
Aerial viiw of the Taaone Hospital in Tahiti
Safety in Tahiti and Her Islands:

There is no particular safety concern in French Polynesia other than the usual safety advice which anyone would also follow in Time Square or in Paris’ Champs Elysées! To learn more, visit our “Safety” page.

Going Out

Nightlife & dining Tahiti Style

Polynesian cocktail
Couple having a polynesian cocktail at the bar of the Manava Suite Resort
You will find many restaurants in Tahiti and Her Islands offering a varied type of cuisine ranging from local cuisine to fine dining. All of them often combine local, western and oriental flavors.
The menus are often written in several languages. Prices include the sales tax and gratuities.

Make sure you don’t miss a dinner at the food trucks on Place Vaiete in Papeete on the waterfront and enjoy the sweet pace of Polynesian life.

Important detail: It gets dark quickly under the tropics. Generally speaking, people have an early night but wake up early in the morning. Dinner is rarely after 9:30pm.
Let’s admit that Tahiti is surely not Miami! But international resorts offer quality night shows throughout the week. Those of you interested in the local night life will have the opportunity to do so in a safe environment but mostly on Friday and Saturday nights in restaurants or bars mixing local and western musical ambiance.
In most cases do not hesitate to ask the locals for advise on local bars and clubs - they will be very pleased to provide you with the relevant information.

Phone Internet

Phone system - internet :
Local numbers have 8 digits. The lines are widespread, no communication problems between the islands. Ability to call from the hotel (but expensive). Otherwise the telephone booths cards are available in tobacconists, post offices and newsagents. The base unit costs 33 F per minute.
To call abroad: 00 + international code + tel number (without 0)
To call French Polynesia: The international access code + 689 + the 8-digit number, ie from France: 00 + 689 + 8-digit number; from the USA: 011 + 689 + 8 digit number

TahitiCell phones:

They work just about everywhere. International agreements with the various operators will allow you to receive and make calls without any problem. For those interested in using their cell phone regularly, we would recommend that you purchase a pre-paid SIM card (VINI) in order to avoid roaming costs.

Think of switching your phone off in the evening in order to avoid being awakened in the middle of the night. Remember, people calling you from home may not think of the time difference!
Vini and Vodafoe tahitian mobile operators
Logo OPT

3G / 4G :
3G works nearly everywhere. 4G is available in Papeete and the surrounding areas.

Stay connected everywhere in Polynesia with Tahiti Wifi, your pocket router rental solutions with high-speed and unlimited connection.

WiFi :
WiFi is available in all the hotels at a cost. Coverage is good allowing you to access internet within the vicinity of your resort or close to other WiFi areas.

PhilatéliePost office:
The post office in Papeete is located on the waterfront close to the Bougainville park and yacht Quay. Opening hours: 7:00am to 6:00pm during the week and 8:00am to 11:00am on Saturday. Other post offices usually close at 3:00pm. They are located on every island. Mail services are similar to France’s. Mail takes between 1 and 2 weeks to arrive in Europe.

Useful addresses

Useful addresses and numbers:

GIE Tahiti Tourisme : BP 65 98 713 Papeete Tahiti, located on the waterfront
Ph: +689 40 50 57 00
Fax: +689 40 43 66 19
E-mail :;
Web :
GIE Bora Bora activités : BP 372, 98 730 Vaitape Bora Bora
Tel: (689) 87 73 50 22
Fax: (689) 40 67 64 83
GIE Moorea tourisme: BP 35, 98 728 Maharepa Moorea
Tel: (689) 40 56 57 66 / (689) 87 73 87 30

Fire station: 18
Emergency / Police: 17
Paramedics: 15
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