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Tahiti Billabong Pro 2017

11th to 22th of August, 2017 - Tahiti

billabong pro Tahiti

Subscribed to the pro calendar since 1997, the competition gets its actual name from the Tahiti Billagong Pro in 1999. It became famous thanks to the famous Teahupo’o, well known in the world thanks to its incredible surf spots.

These waves, deep and strong come from the regular swell which crossed thousands of kilometers in the middle of the pacific without meeting any obstacles, stranded on the reef of Tahiti Iti. The waves are on average at 5m but when the swell exceeds 2.50m, can reach 10m. The 2011 Surf Edition had to be interrupted several times because of the extreme wave conditions.

Won 4 times by Kelly Slater, 2015 edition is known by the victory of the French Jérémy Florès.

To attend this event in good conditions, many family pensions offer good quality housings nearby the pass of Teahupo’o. unaccessible from the coast, taxi boats can take you to the surf spot to closely enjoy the surfers in action. Some family pensions also offer this service. However, it is strongly advised to guests not familiar with the area, not to experience the sport on their own.

Although it does not seem dangerous, the wave of Teahupo’o is somehow reserved to very good surfers and unfortunately, many serious accidents are counted each year.

But the non professional surfers should be reassured because they shall be able to satisfy the passion for surfing with reasonable waves on the East Cost beaches of Papenoo or of Sapinus, after having admired the professionals of the legendary wave of Teahupo’o. Several surf schools offer introduction or improvement trainings.

Others would be able to get personal services from renowned local surfers such as Raimana Van Bastolaer to lead them to surf in the path of legendary surfers.

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