Fakarava, a divers' paradise

Fakarava is ranked the second largest atoll of French Polynesia after Rangiroa. It has been a protected UNESCO biosphere since 2006. This atoll is well known for her spectacular dive sites and particularly the north pass (800m / 2,625ft wide), which makes it the largest of Tahiti and Her Islands.

Polynesian Name: Havai’i

  • Polynesian name: Havai’i
  • Located 450km / 279 miles north-east of Tahiti (flight time: 1hour 10 minutes)
  • Population: 800
  • Area: lagoon of 1,121km2 / 697 sq miles
  • 2 passes: Ngarue, Tomatukuhoa
  • Airport: Rotoava
  • NB: no ATM or bank on the atoll
Romantic swim in the lagoon of Fakarava
Romantic swim in the lagoon of Fakarava
Must see
  • Rotoava village
  • All types of diving
  • Pearl farms
  • Coral garden
  • Bird and sea turtle watch
  • White and pink sand beach “motu”
Fakarava - lagoon side
Fakarava - lagoon side
Coral garden at the foot of my bungalow
Coral garden at the foot of my bungalow
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Leopard rays in the blue
Leopard rays in the blue

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19/06/2018 - Elodie, France

Excellent, what an organization at the top! Really thank you, everything was very well managed!


24/01/2018 - Paolo, Italy

Excellent Yes! Everything was perfect. One of the best vacations of my life !!! Hotels, particularly, the ones in Bora Bora where top notch. Yes. I would recommend Tahiti (beautiful), Bora Bora (super) and Rangiroa!


26/12/2017 - Bruce et Aileen, USA

Yestahiti took all the worry out of planning a trip to an unfamiliar place. The catamaran with tahiti Yatch charters was the highlight of our trip. We had a wonderful time everything went smoothly and everything was beautiful We loved our trip.  Everything was perfect.  We could not have asked for a better experience.  The Catamaran...

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