Tikehau, the pink sand paradise

Tikehau is located only a few miles away from Rangiroa in the Tuamotu archipelago. Smaller than its neighbor, Tikehau atoll is a near perfect ring formation featuring post card like landscape. The atoll is famous for its lagoon which can be described as a huge natural pool surrounded by pink and white sandy beaches.

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  • Located 340km / 211 miles north of Tahiti (Flight time: 1 hour) and 15 minutes from Rangiroa
  • Population: 500
  • Area: lagoon of 461km2 / 287 sq miles
  • Only 2 “motu” are inhabited
  • Unique pass of Tuheiva
  • Airport: Motu Tuherahera
  • Note: no ATM and bank
A walk to paradise
A walk to paradise
Must see
  • Pink sand
  • Dive site: Tuheiva pass
  • Bird Island
  • Lagoonarium
  • Pearl farm
  • Walk on the reef
Tikehau viewed from the lagoon
Tikehau viewed from the lagoon
The Tikehau reef on ocean side
The Tikehau reef on ocean side
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The famous pink sand beaches of tikehau
The famous pink sand beaches of tikehau

Customer reviews


13/11/2019 - Lee,

Everything we discussed thru email and our plan has been modified few times and finalized in 1-2 months. Fred and Vini are helpful, I had a great honeymoon arrangement. Thanks the team!


19/06/2018 - Elodie, France

Excellent, what an organization at the top! Really thank you, everything was very well managed!


24/01/2018 - Paolo, Italy

Excellent Yes! Everything was perfect. One of the best vacations of my life !!! Hotels, particularly, the ones in Bora Bora where top notch. Yes. I would recommend Tahiti (beautiful), Bora Bora (super) and Rangiroa!

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