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New! Opening in Summer 2014… The Brando in Tetiaroa

Opening scheduled for July 1st, 2014. - Tahiti

Aerial view on The Brando Resort

Ladies and Gentlemen,
... A Star is born… Let us all extend a very warm welcome to... The Brando

(from The Brando):
“A new way of experiencing the world awaits you at The Brando, a true escape from the excesses of the modern world. Surrounded on all sides by the great blue expanse of the South Pacific, this luxury resort on the private island of Tetiaroa recalls the legends and lifestyle of Polynesian royalty, who chose this island above all others for their summer retreat. (….)

Marlon Brando loved to share, and he had big dreams. The Brando is one of his sharing dreams brought to life. He wanted the world to know and love Polynesia and its people the way he did.

The exquisite Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa has always been a privileged retreat – a place of utter beauty, peace and tranquility, first for Tahitian royalty as recorded by Bougainville, Cook, Bligh, and others, more recently for Marlon and his family. And now for you.

The Brando offers a feast for the senses, incomparable luxury of accommodations and appointments, delectable fine dining, sumptuous spa experiences, and personalized service tailored to your every whim.

Innovative and pioneering technology lightens the load and softens your footprint. Bring little, you will need less. Discover and learn. Stand at the crossroads of sustainability, stunning environmental purity, and authentic historical and cultural legacy. The Brando offers a new paradigm. One where more resort does not equal less environment and more energy, where luxury is not a wasteful and excessive use of resources.

At the same time, all around, boundless Nature and sweet silence, broken only by wind in the trees and waves on the reef. The island “mana” or spirit will embrace, steady, and repair the quick and tattered souls of all who yield to her mystery.

Step out of time, out of yourself, into a remote and dreamy place, an island named desire. A place you dared not imagine, a place you think you want but, like Marlon, discover that you need.

Get lost … and then found. The Brando is waiting for you…”

Official opening scheduled for July 1st, 2014.

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