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No vacation in Polynesia without diving!

september 2013 - Rangiroa, Fakarava

Diving in the seas of the islands of Tahiti

Unforgettable initiation dive :

Here, all the conditions are right to make your initiation dive a magical experience:
  • The waters of the lagoons are calm and of incomparable clearness, the temperature of the water is constant and the fauna is totally friendly and quiet.
  • For those who seek individual care in order to learn the basics of diving at their own pace, our advisers can refer you to schools where the number of divers is purposefully limited so as to be able to have the initiation dive in small groups of 2 or 3 persons.
These conditions make scuba diving the perfect family outing during their vacations. Children aged 8 or more are also allowed to dive.   

No medical certificate is required for your initiation dive; you only have to be mindful of the contraindications related to certain pathologies, treatments or physical/health conditions.  More information is available on the official site of the federation.

Thanks to these exceptional conditions, even the least adventurous people are entirely won over by the time they get out of the water.

Mythical exploration diving:

Rangiroa, Fakarava, The White Valley, Rurutu… are all names that get divers from around the globe carried away. You could spend hours questioning where the world’s best diving spots are but it would be pointless considering the fair share of personal emotion each scuba diver develops with this activity.
What cannot be denied on the other hand is that Polynesia has 3 assets no other lands can pride themselves on having:
  • It is located at more than 4,000Km off any inhabited land; which preserves her waters and guarantees an incomparable clarity and visibility.
  • Her maritime territory which is as vast as Europe, allows scuba diving fans to discover an incomparable diversity ranging from the smallest lagoon fish to humpback whales, not to mention some ten different races of sharks and dolphins or the manta rays.
  • You are miles away from traditional mass tourism. Here, “tourist factories” do not exist. Diving centers work accordingly and take their time; thus, following the pace of the islands and allowing you to make the most of your vacations.
All of this contributes a lot to making your diving unforgettable and it is most certainly the reason why scuba diving fans regularly go back to Polynesia despite the distance, always sure to discover new wonders each time.

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