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Three ways to experience Gauguin in French Polynesia

Relive the film, follow the true traces of Gauguin, succumb to the cruise - Tahiti, Moorea, Hiva Oa

Discovery of Marquesan islands

Discover the locations of the film Gauguin

Relive the scenes of the film and be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes captured by the cameras of the film crew. The film Gauguin was shot on the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.

Filming locations in Tahiti

They placed their cameras on the "Little Tahiti" (meaning of Tahiti Iti), more precisely on the commune of Tautira and Teahupoo, on the peninsula. It is cooler than in Tahiti Nui (Grande Tahiti), a change of atmosphere takes place, it is preserved and wild. The decors of the Gauguin period were easily reconstructed.

The Presqu'île preserves so much beauty and natural riches to discover, panoramas to take your breath away!
To the south, at the end of the world, the village of Teahupo'o, famous for its mythical wave gathering each
year the world's best surfers. Here nothing has changed ... it is the Polynesia of Yesterday and Today!
Cliffs, green plateaus, forests, black sand beaches, caves, dolphins & whales in season ...

Un petit coin de paradis existe le « Vanira Lodge », découvrez toutes ces richesses dans le confort de ses bungalows-nature, véritables sculptures de matériaux naturels, fondues dans le décor...Les bungalows étant construits de matériaux naturels et étant situés dans un jardin tropical.

Filming locations in Moorea

Some scenes were shot on the sister island of Tahiti, Moorea. It is 30 minutes from Papeete by boat. This island bewitches by its beauty of its decorations straight out of a dream and the sweet quietude that reigns there. Its softness of life and its timeless charm have seduced the travelers.

3 good reasons to go, you too in Moorea:
- On the lagoon side you can practice many nautical activities and Moorea is also a wonderful spot for divers.
- On the mountain side, the tormented relief, dominated by eight summits that surround a magnificent open and fertile caldera lends itself to many hikes in the heart of a varied and luxuriant vegetation.
- Artists: painters, sculptors, jewelers or tattoo artists have chosen to live on the island. They are imbued with the beauty and the serenity surrounding.

"Fare Aute", a 20-minute drive from the harbor, offers large, intimate, well-equipped bungalows, along a large white sandy beach and a shallow turquoise lagoon with stingrays and small sharks.
The welcome is warm, the service neat, the equipment in good condition and the gardens very flowered. Away from the 2 tourist areas of the island, the pension has a car and scooter rental service at very attractive prices, and many excursionists come to pick up the guests. Breakfast served in the bungalow and catered service available in the evening for a quiet and unconstrained stay.

Follow the true route of Gauguin through the islands

Paul Gauguin, born on 7 June 1848 in Paris and died, 8 May 1903, in Atuona, Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas Islands.
The artist decided to live on the island of Hiva Oa. Wilderness extends as far as the eye can see: green, invasive, luminous. Roads are rare, houses too. The tortured relief of the island blends sharp peaks, peaks and valleys dotted with archaeological sites where one find, among other things, the largest tiki of Polynesia. Hiva Oa is lined with beaches of black sand and steep cliffs that plunge into the abundant Pacific waters.

Paul Gauguin in 1901 came to look for Hiva Oa something that resembles inner peace, or regeneration. It is not known if they found it, but in the morning, when the sun is shining, the light on the island has a purity that capsizes the heart and perfumes the space of a small nothing of eternity. An unspeakable feeling that all travelers experience here.
You will be able to collect on his tomb under the effluvium of frangipani, visit the reconstitution of the famous "House of the Jouir" of Gauguin and the small museum dedicated to it. The painter painted some of his most striking canvases under the Marquesian skies, drawing inspiration from everyday scenes but also legends or ancient religious traditions to represent imaginary scenes.

In the Marquesas, almost everyone is a hunter, a fisherman, a farmer and a sculptor.
"Sculptor, is often their livelihood. They are versatile, polytalent, Polynesian. "

We propose you a stay of 15 days in its Polynesian tracks, among fragrant flowers and sacred stones, in the heart of the landscapes that Paul Gauguin had sublimated in his paintings.

Explore the landscapes of the painter thanks to L'aranui

Despite the increase in capacity, available places will continue to be scarce. Most reservations are made 10 to 12 months in advance.
Our advisors are at your disposal to prepare you a dream holiday on the Aranui 5, but also in the other islands not served by this cruise.

Horse riding on Hiva Oa beach - Marquesan island
Paul Gauguin Center
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